Specialisation Modules

The Master Programme offers 15 different specialisation courses grouped into 3 different areas of specialisation. The student must choose 5 different courses. A special mention of the specialisation is made if a minimum of 4 modules are taken in the same area of specialisation. If this requirement is not fulfilled, no specialisation will be mentioned and the title will be a general one. A brief description of the courses offered in each area of the specialisation is set out below, as well as the university offering them. All these courses must be taken in the first semester


Tourism destination planning

This module will only be offered at the UIB. A brief description of each course is set out below.

Causal analysis in tourism

  • Analysis of the determinants of tourism behaviour
  • The linear regression model
  • Introduction of qualitative determinants
  • Tourism supply and demand models
  • Consumer choice models

Economic management in tourism planning

  • Tourism planning evolution and the public sector role in the economy
  • The plannning process and its stages
  • Competition versus collaboration in tourism planning
  • Tools and implementation
  • Preparation of the statistics and monitoring system
  • Case studies

Geographical information systems for tourism management

  • Design and implementation of digital databases
  • Advanced spatial analysis techniques for diagnosing and assessing tourism problems
  • Thematic cartography
  • Application of Geographical Information Systems to tourism
  • Advanced geographical visualisation techniques

Tourism planning applied to spatial management

  • Tourism development plans: the Tourism Supply Plan of Mallorca (POOT) as a regional example
  • Public-private partnership in the management of tourism planning: The role of tourism offices
  • Monitoring the number of visitors to tourism areas. Physical and psychological carrying capacity
  • The value of landscape as a tourism product. Protected areas
  • The value of anthropic/cultural landscape. Measures for its conservation and protection

Tourism policy and economic impact

  • Tourism policy instruments
  • Environmental policy
  • Economic impacts assessment
  • General equilibrium models
  • Tourism Satellite Accounts