Specialisation Modules

The Master Programme offers 15 different specialisation courses grouped into 3 different areas of specialisation. The student must choose 5 different courses. A special mention of the specialisation is made if a minimum of 4 modules are taken in the same area of specialisation. If this requirement is not fulfilled, no specialisation will be mentioned and the title will be a general one. A brief description of the courses offered in each area of the specialisation is set out below, as well as the university offering them. All these courses must be taken in the first semester


Nautical tourism and cruises

This Module will only be offered at the EUM-UPF. A brief description of each course is set out below.

Cruise tourism operations and processes

  • Information and communication management
  • Cruise product quality management
  • Environmental and sustainability management
  • Supplier management processes
  • Virtual customer management

Cruise tourism product management

  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage
  • Tourism entertainment
  • Complementary activities
  • Product marketing

Intercultural management and marketing

  • Cultural patterns and markets
  • High and low context cultures and intercultural negotiation
  • Communication in multicultural marketing
  • Innovation diffusion among cultures
  • Intercultural marketing strategies

Nautical tourism and the cruise industry

  • Characteristics of nautical tourism
  • Main strengths of nautical tourism and cruises
  • Nautical and territorial tourism: port and destination
  • Fundamentals of the cruise industry
  • Economic and social impact of cruise tourism

Port logistics and management

  • Maritime/Port Safety and Protection
  • Port Competitiveness and Competition
  • Port/Coastal interaction
  • Analysis of port traffic times or operation
  • Globalisation and Maritime Transport